The worlds leading brands optical apps
programming, design, localizing, web service integration, video production
Outsourcing projects for such brands as: Kodak, Zeiss, Nikon and Seiko. Based on SM Mobile app originally made in France.
This was a number of projects for different brands and countries based on one base app SM Mobile. The project consisted of collaborating with managers and developers in Moscow and Paris. We had to refactor legacy code, do the rebranding, adjusted, created overall design and user experience according to brands Style book. We integrated web services and did localisations to portuguese and french languages. The apps targeted different markets in Europe, Asia and America.

Video capture of example app.
Quartet Undertango and accordionist Evita's websites
web programming, design, video and audio production
Websites: and Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter accounts.
Latvian quartet Undertango live performance session video production collaboarating with video production studio. It was held in Zirgu Pasts and recorded live. websites are built in Joomla CMS. Evita's site is multi lingual Joomla v3.0.

Video collage of the quartet live session
Mobile game "Mooooore Bands".
concept, web, video, ios programming, design, PR It’s a hand drawn creative musical playground. The game was for Apple devices only. There was free and paid version. Currently the game is not on the App Store.

"Mooooore Bands" is children friendly. Parents want their kids to play this game. Game has a sophisticated realtime audio engine.

Release video.
Projection, animation and voting software.
programming, support, design, customer training

The client Europian Commision in collaboration with the latvian ad agency Airport.

Coreteam developed 2 apps. One for iPad and one for the Mac. iPad app was the interface app for voters, where activists could share they opinion on EU achievements and Latvias story in it. iPad was located on a stand and connected to Mac wirelessly. The Mac application was a moderator software, which collected votes and answers to given questions. Mac app animated results on the screen with projector.

Voters were given a choice of 12 most common latvian values to vote for. Projection about incoming votes, custom answers was animated on the wall. Voter instantly could see their impact on the screen. Similar custom votes could be added to existing top value.

Multiple events in 6 latvian cities. One of the events took place at Positivus festival '13

Video about the project by ad agency Airport

Mac app screenshots.

  • Moderator app: projection view.

  • Moderator app: projection view.

  • Moderator app: Moderator interface.

iPad app video capture.
Mobile game "1984 Hockey".
programming, design, audio production This is a personal project which was created in loving memory of old times plastic pocket game produced in the USSR. The game is for Apple devices only. Currently the game is not on the App Store.

Game has a realistic physics, fun commentators and 4 different playing modes. 3 languages (english, russian and latvian). It has social score posting.

Promo video.
programming, design, audio production, customer training

The project involved developing of a CMS (content management system). Frontend website in Flash and a HTML version. 3D design, music production, developing of the idea. Museum employees are able to provide content after the project development was finished.

The project was Europian Union co-founded.


Video capture of the museum.